Sebastian's Dream

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michelle lowe davis

Michelle Lowe Davis is the author of Sebastian's Dream and Katie Kay Plays Lady for a Day. She began writing children's books as a class project, which quickly developed onto something more personal as she began writing about things that she loves. Children! Michelle is the mother of a 5 year old autistic son, who is an inspiration to her each and every day. It was because of him, I see how motivating, inspiring, funny, and intelligent, little people are. They are the salt of the universe with no holds barred.

The author states, "My goal for writing children's books is to reflect to parents and children all of the wonderful qualities they possess, and inspire them to reach for the stars. I want children to know that nothing is impossible in this vast universe of ours and thorugh faith and hard work, they can achieve any goal and overcome any obstacle. My books are intended to reflect friendship and relation ships through any dynamic, be it mother, daughter, father and son, best friends, friends, with and without special needs and a multitude of other(s). I want to show diversity on all levels from race to special need. I want my books to discuss various topics as they affect little people today and hopefully teach them ways to deal with life in a positive way. 

Michelle Lowe Davis currently lives in Chicago, Illinois with her husband of 20+ years, her son Sebastian and thier dog Max. She graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Pre-Law and is currently working on her M.Ed in Teaching and Learning.