The Blessed Woman Endeavor

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About the author

Tondeleya Allen

Quick note from Author:

"I'm God's girl. The characters, events, and thoughts in my writing are not always squeaky clean because real, imperfect people, although striving, never are. I strive to tell honest stories about authentic people in the most genuine way possible. And despite messy bumps along the way, I love happy, uplifting endings."

Recovering chocoholic, eternal optimist, and home-schooling mother of three beautiful daughters and one handsome son, Tondeleya Allen loves to inspire and motivate people, especially women, to be their best, to believe in themselves, and to live the dreams God has placed in their hearts, regardless of their current situation.

She believes that marriages can be like a piece of heaven on earth, when we center them around Christ. She believes that women were made to manifest God's love in every area of their lives, making everything around them more beautiful.

She believes that positive, affirming words are like liquid gold. When we use the power of our words, we can transform our lives and create a more beautiful world.

She enjoys crafting stories, reading, baking, cooking, gardening, saving money, upcycling, making jewelry, sewing, anything creative, and spending time with her family.