25 Things you Must Start Doing to Become a Real Estate Millionaire Investor

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Hope Etim

Called and anointed by God to take the gospel of restoration to the people and nations of the world, Pastor Hope Raphael Etim has helped many people experience the glorious reality of God’s word in their lives with testimonies of Salvation, deliverance, healing of incurable diseases, the dead raised to life and several uncommon miracles by the Spirit of God.

Pastor Hope is the President of Destiny Recovery Ministries International and senior pastor, Destiny Recovery Global Church. He is the author of many books, whose writings have been translated into more than thirty languages,  including English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Korean, Japanese , Portugese, etc.  He speaks in conferences, conventions, workshops, seminars and trainings.

Pastor Hope is the President of Fresh Fire International Seminary, a global theological institution that equips the saints with wisdom and fire.

He is a Success Coach to many. His passion is to see people fulfill their God-ordained destinies. Pastor Hope enjoys helping people achieve their goals in life. Married to Inimfon, they are blessed with a beautiful girl, God’sglory.

He can be reached on hoperaphael1884@gmail.com, +2348061556395