Nirvana Rebirth

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Shadows Finger

Hey guys, my name is Orane Campbell and I am from the small but loud island situated within the Caribbean known as Jamaica, born in the parish of St Ann in 1991. I began to publish the Dual Sword God book series under the pseudonym Shadows Finger.

I am a professional Web Developer, and UI Designer with a bachelor’s science degree in Information Technology from the University College of the Common Wealth which I graduated from in 2015. While focusing on my own career I have come to find writing as a very interesting hobby, usually I had mostly engaged in art for a large part of my childhood to adulthood and have always loved drawing comics, creating characters and engaging worlds.

What got me into writing a wuxia fantasy series, however, was my not love for creating artworks or comic series but an interest that piqued the very moment I started to read eastern fiction and martial arts fantasy books.