Melody of Murder

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About the author

Theresa Parker

Theresa Parker was born in California, where she continues to live with her husband.

Theresa has always been an avid reader. Whenever she finished reading a book, she would imagine new characters and insert them into the existing story.

Her greatest passion is writing, and she loves to laugh. She believes there is no better feeling than putting a smile on someone’s face or making them laugh out loud. She knows her books may not change someone’s life, but she hopes that they will make people forget their problems for just a little while and lighten their hearts.

When she’s not pounding away on the keyboard, you might be able to find her lurking on her FaceBook page, giggling over funny pictures and exclaiming over shiny crystals and gemstones. Stop by, like the page, and give her a shout-out. Don’t forget to visit her website and sign up for her monthly newsletter for news on upcoming release dates, contests, and more.

If you like this book, please leave a review.  She loves nothing better than knowing she made a new friend.