Bathroom & Mosquito: A Contemptuous Parable!

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About the author

Rahul D.

Rahul D. has a knack for writing ever since his childhood. His salient asset initially was probing a preexisting essence and fabricating it into his own composite. One might also classify his work as fan-made. Although, he has stayed as a bathroom writer at that time, things took a turn when he made a resolution of writing a dream journal. Soon, a new profound purpose was established and fan-based became a fable of its own. Every single one of his works from there on, would either incline towards motivation or a life lesson. It might be an anecdotal event or a detailed plot, but there's always a concealed lesson in all of them. It's all about the viewers' perception of discerning the events that transpire during the plot. On a personal ground, he is a programmer and a self-taught spiritual practitioner. He always prefers to conceive bona fide notions in his work, so one might never spot him out of his place.