Fallacies in Reasoning

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Ashraf Adeel

M. Ashraf Adeel

Currently Professor and Cahir of Philosophy Department at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, M. Ashraf Adeel has held a Professorship in Philosophy at University of Peshawar and worked as the founding Vice-Chancellor of Hazara University in Pakistan. He was a senior Visiting Fellow at Linacre College Oxford in 1999 and has also served as President of Pakistan’s Philosophical Congress (the country’s premier association of philosophers). Adeel has published research articles in philosophy of language, science, Islamic Ethics, and epistemology. His book Epistemology of the Quran: Elements of a Virtue Approach to Knowledge and Understanding (Springer 2019) is the first systematic study of the Quranic epistemology and studies epistemic concepts of the Quran from a contemporary perspective. His book titled How Do We Deal with Different World Views If They Are Based on The Same Evidence: The Philosophical Problem of Underdetermination in Quine and Davidson is a sustained defense of underdetemination and possibility of alternative conceptual schemes or world views both in science and in general. Some recent articles include “Moderation in Greek and Islamic Traditions and A Virtue Ethics of the Quran”, The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, Vol. 32, No. 3, summer 2015, “The Evolution of Quine's Thinking on the Thesis of Underdetermination and Scott Soames' Accusation of Paradoxicality”, HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science. Vol. 5, spring 2015, and “The Concept of Understanding in Jaspers and Contemporary Epistemology” Existenz, Vol. 10/1, spring 2015. Two of Adeel’s anthologies of Urdu poems have also come out in 2015 and 2019 from Pakistan. He is also a playwright. He is currently working on a novel and on the Virtue Ethics of the Quran.