Somnium Reawakened

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About the author

Kristy Kamin

 Kristy is the author of the Award-winning Somnium series and has also received Honorable Mention for her short story 'The Butterfly Effect' in the 89th Annual Writer's Digest Competition. Kristy also has a couple of short stories which were chosen to be published in both the Dystopian Anthology, 'The Dystopian Guide to the Galaxy’, and the Paranormal Anthology, ‘Endless Moonlight’.
Kristy is the mother to five children, all of whom are very diverse, which is what drew Kristy to write books with diverse characters. Kristy writes mostly science fiction and paranormal. When you pick up one of her books, expect the characters to be differently abled, neurodivergent, LGBTQ+, or from cultures other than Caucasian.
Other than writing, Kristy loves spending time with her children’s cats, or adding yet another plant to her growing indoor forest.