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Ann Marie Jameson

​​​​​​​Ann Marie Jameson is a Louisiana native and a retired special education teacher. She is married with three sons, one step-son, and eight grandchildren. Ann Marie became an avid reader at the young age of nine and began writing poems and short stories in high school. Her first work to be published was a poem she wrote as a tribute to her father when she was a teenager. The poem was featured in her local newspaper for Father’s Day. The first book Ann Marie published was a children’s book which was released in 2003 but is no longer in print.
After taking several years off from writing to care for her elderly parents, Ann Marie returned to writing but this time as a novelist. Her first fictional novel titled “A Bed of Roses” was released in 2016. Spurred on by fan support, Ann Marie continued writing as she developed her “Willow Rose” series anchored by “A Bed of Roses.” She released the second book in the series, “Belle Rose,” in 2017, the third, “Petite Rose,” in 2019, and the fourth, “Coming Up Roses,” in 2020. After spending two years focusing her attention on promoting her series, Ann Marie has finally returned to doing what she loves best with the release of “Lilly’s Redemption.” All of Ann Marie’s Willow Rose books are centered on a very lovable main character, Mary LeBlanc, who owns a B&B in the charming southern town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. However, between all of Mary’s many relatives and friends, each book has a multitude of supporting characters whose fictional lives Ann Marie draws from to create her many heartwarming, homespun stories. In creating this spin-off book of her series, Ann Marie once again drew inspiration from a Willow Rose character, Lilly Mae Bordelon. Lilly is the villain in Ann Marie’s first book;” but in “Lilly’s Redemption” Lilly evolves into someone completely different. Once again, Ann Marie has written a story that pulls at her readers heartstrings. Also, like her other books, this latest one deals with sensitive issues, but at the same time, is lighthearted and funny. While “Lilly’s Redemption” isn’t a “Willow Rose” book, Ann Marie is hoping her loyal Willow Rose fans will give Lilly a chance at redeeming herself in this latest edition to her repertoire.