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Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker  - An avid creative writer of short story fiction titles in the genre of science fiction, speculative fiction and supernatural thrillers. Currently he resides in a small rural town with his wife and two young children in Ontario, Canada. He majored in art and creative writing in high school, and then,  attended college to pursue a career in Graphic Design.  After a few set backs and career changes, he is returning to his love of writing and art. He enjoys writing fan fiction, collecting movie memorabilia, and spending time with his family and friends.

His first short story eBook published was - The Cure (November 3, 2011 on Kindle/March 3, 2013 on Kobo)  and then two more short stories followed - Incident On Bio-Moon Five (March 13, 2013 on Kindle/January 28, 2014 on Kobo) and The End Of Time (Aug. 31, 2012 on Kindle/Feb. 18 2013 on Kobo).

These stories where then collected into his first full book, both in Ebook and Print - Distant Saga Trilogy: A Short Story Collection (August 2, 2015 on Kindle/Kobo - Republished Date, year on Kindle/Kobo - Revised Edition Date, Year on Kindle/Kobo/Blurb).