Endue: Women, Twins, Cyborgs?

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About the author

L. Ann Marie

I write.

Erotica, New technology, MFM, Biker, Paranormal, Native, Military, Action-Adventure...Everything really.

Almost all of my books connect so the characters appear in a lot of them. It makes life interesting but you don’t really say goodbye when the book ends.

I write about strong women that are able to accomplish amazing things because of the support from their alpha men.

I don't believe alpha men would take a weak woman unless he's just a dominating jerk. I don't write those kind of men.

I don't write about cheating men. There is enough of that in real life. I stick to the human mistakes. No one is perfect. I try to show mistakes and the end result...usually apologies. :)

It is, after all, fiction.