Hell Hath No Fury

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Chisto Healy

Author of twisted horror tales as well as innovative science fiction and epic fantasy stories. Chisto is a genre author with an unstoppable imagination who writes 7 days a week and tries to write at least one story or chapter every single day. It's his biggest passion. The only thing that means as much as his writing is being a dad to his awesome kids. He also dabbles in art and music and being an interesting person. His fiance refers to his dog as his other girlfriend. His baby refers to him as urrrrghhaaaa. People that know him share the opinion that he's a little crazy and he doesn't necessarily disagree with them. It makes for good art. He loves hearing from people that enjoy his work. He loves networking and connecting with authors, artists, publishers, agents, and readers. He is living his dream and recommends that you go live yours and be your best self. It's the key to happiness.