True Identity: A David Jezreel Story

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Samuel Griswold

Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. From a very young age, I was taught to love reading and learning. Like many, I was read to before I could read myself and I learned to read at an early age.

I was also raised to be proud of my Jewish faith and heritage. 

This all went into overdrive when I turned thirteen and experienced a spinal injury that forced me to be in traction three times each day for years. Having to remain completely stationary for one-half hour each time, I had little other option but to read. And so I did. Everything I could get my hands on, especially about history, the Jewish people and the Middle East.  

For the next several years, I studied all of the world's major religions and many minor ones in search of answers and a new understanding of my life.  I found partial answers in many different faiths and learned tolerance and respect for all beliefs.  I realized that the Divine Creator gives insights and inspiration to all who seek it according to their ability to understand.  Spiritual truths can be found in all faiths and, in most instances, it is personal experiences and cultural context that separates us and prevents us from learning together.  My heart turned me toward Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism with their more contemplative approach to faith. Beliefs such as reincarnation and meditative practices spoke to me, but seemed foreign and unrelated to the Judaism I was raised with.  It was then that a chance encounter with two Hasidic travelers introduced me to Kabbalah and a completely different understanding of my Jewish faith and heritage.  I discovered that contemplative practices, meditation and reincarnation had been a part of Judaism since Biblical times  It was my limited exposure and ignorance that kept me from being aware of this earlier.  Eventually, I came full circle in my spiritual journey, returning to the faith of my ancestors with a renewed spirit and sense of purpose. 

Now, all of this reading and research is paying off, as I've developed a unique expertise that I'm able to incorporate into the writing of my own spiritual novels, press articles and blog.

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