Scales of Justice: The Trump Trials

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About the author

Barry Robbins

Two-time award-winning humor author Barry Robbins is a former accountant, but he hopes you'd never guess.

He combined his interest in politics with his disdain for a certain current politician whose name rhymes with Dump, and an unfettered imagination, to produce the satirical world of Oh Daddy Chronicles, now consisting of three books.

He spent his time in exile in the accounting world at a large, international accounting firm. It lasted 26 years. Then he quit. He moved to balmy Finland with his two beautiful daughters and Finnish wife. Not knowing the language, he followed in the footsteps of most expats and became adept at taking out the trash. But he also developed another pair of eyes - seeing the world and the U.S. differently. He now resides principally in Florida.

With two first-place awards for Humor under his belt, Robbins wonders if he has put a dent in the accountant stereotype.