Kassie (The Lovely Letters Book 2 Second Edition)

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About the author

Rea Marie

Who is Rea Marie?

She is a newly self-published author with an imagination based on a supernatural world.

Born in New Jersey, the home of the Jersey Devil, her imagination has always been explosive. Now in mid-America, she has found that the romance of vampires, shifters, and other special characters has dominated her creativity.

Her ability to generate ideas is undoubtedly enhanced by her roles as a mother and grandmother. She surrounds herself with her family every day and has a fierce love for them. Immersed in her family's love, she pours her heart and soul into creating a fantastic fictional universe for future generations to enjoy. She incorporates many aspects of herself and her family into the sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy romance universe she has created in The Lovely Letter series.

Her work does not stop there. Her second series, The Fated Mates of the Highborn, is an LGBTQIA+ romance set in a fantasy / paranormal dystopian world. She has also branched out to write a series of novellas entitled Fiery Fables. This collection of stories is a contemporary romance loosely based on Aesop's Fables.

If you enjoy a unique take on the same old myths, legends, and lore you have always heard, you might want to follow Rea and see where she takes you