Marlon Finds a Way: A Twisty Tale of Anger, Trust and Friendship

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About the author

Dan Bailes

Dan creates funny chapter books for children and anyone who loves a good story. His tales feature animals and siblings who may bicker but then come together to solve a problem or meet a challenge. His quirky characters charm us with their silly delights and surprising insights. It’s fun to watch them develop self-reliance, grit and the courage to think for themselves. 

He wrote his first stories when his daughter and son were young and continues the tradition for grandchildren Bennett, Julian, Louise and Helen. With whimsical humor and a playful imagination, Dan’s stories are often inspired by something they shared or an issue they were dealing with. It’s fun to see the world through their eyes. It’s quite a view!

Dan lives in Washington, DC with his wife Sharon and their dog of the North, KukkaTahti. When he’s not writing or reading or thinking silly thoughts, he likes to hang out with Sharon, play with Kukka, do yoga, take pictures, listen to music or just watch the flowers grow.