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Tracy Henderson

As a child I was raised in church. I wasn't sent to church I was taken. I accepted my call to preach at seventeen years old, but something was missing. I had religion, but not relationship. In June of 2019 God gloriously saved me. It was an Apostle Paul like conversion. I was lying in bed on June 5, 2019 and developed chest pains and could not talk. Suddenly a bright light appeared to me, and I was taken out of my body. As I was taken up I heard the words "You have not delivered my message yet", and I was set back down.  I was introduced to one of my spiritual fathers Apostle David E. Taylor in 2019, by a staff member. I wasn't quite sure he was for real until I had a vision about him and I in a hospital praying for people. He introduced me to spiritual inheritance through a book he wrote on it. Since then I have been on a quest to find the true meaning of spiritual inheritance. I pray not only through my ministry of preaching, but through my writing I am able to deliver God's message. I pray as people read my material their lives are changed as mine was. That will be my legacy I leave to the world.