The Ink of My Soul & The Fire In My Bones

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About the author

F. Ethan DeAbreu

Ethan DeAbreu is a soul on fire that dreams of igniting the passion of others with his actions and words. His writing has been featured in Better Humans, Innovate Long Island, and the Humanist Revolution. He is the Co-Host of the Morning Lift Podcast, and volunteers his time, and creativity to the Family and Children's Association.
In 2017, Ethan graduated from Molloy College, the first in his family, with his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and a minor in Spanish. It was a difficult road to college, both figuratively, and literally. Although he achieved an academic merit scholarship, he could not afford to dorm on campus; each day, Ethan would commute more than 120 miles a day between school, and work. The days were grueling, but the promise of a better future gave him the strength to persevere.
Ethan’s goal with his book, The Ink of My Soul and the Fire in My Bones is to provide his readers with stories that leave them inspired to own their lives. He says that he sees many people that are simply sleepwalking through life, and he himself, was one of those people. His greatest fear was living a life where he was too scared to take a risk on his passions, and creative inclinations. The Ink of My Soul and the Fire in my Bones teeters on the edge of a memoir, and a personal enrichment book. The story is meticulously constructed, and although it is a non-fiction book, his powerful comprehension of imagery will immerse the reader into a deep contemplation on the elements that are quintessential to human existence.
Unlike most enrichment books, Ethan does not provide his reader with the answers to all of life’s most arduous questions; because he hasn’t figured it all out himself. His view is that life is a beautiful, and dynamic thing, and that although we may all have unique stories, he knows that we can learn from each other’s experiences.
Ultimately, Ethan believes that if we find the courage that already exists within ourselves to face our insecurities, and take ownership of the decisions we made to create our current circumstances, we can begin living life on our own terms. He believes that life is so much more than working a 9-5, and does not want to be on his deathbed one day regretting the things he never did. He encourages everyone to realize that, “Strength is a choice” and to choose to be strong when your world is crumbling, is the bravest thing you can do.