Piercing the Veil - Explorations of Reality and Consciousness

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Daniel J Lawrence

Author Daniel J. Lawrence has spent most of his life pursuing passions in a variety of fields – primarily those related to music, athletics, and computer software. Currently serving as a leader at a thriving technology company, he holds a STEM degree and has attained a multitude of patents, certifications, and professional accolades.

It was exploration of psychedelics that first sparked what would become a persistent interest in altered states of consciousness and a mélange of spiritual disciplines spanning the better part of two decades. These have included spending extended time in the Amazonian rainforest participating in shamanic ceremonies, regular attendance of classes involving a discarnate entity, and countless hours of research and experimentation within such fields as meditation, energy work, out-of-body experiences, and lucid dreaming.

Originally from the Midwest, the author currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his best friend, who happens to be canine.