Christ Fulfilled “Paying” Tithes and it Passed Away (Dead and Buried)!

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Azubuike Monwuba

Azubuike Monwuba is the man whose esteems and valuations according to the world’s reckoning were purged and emptied that he might be turned into another man (1Sam10:6) for CHRIST. He is the man who failed the premium of his parents that he might be the vessel to be filled with God. He is the man who disappointed his high school folks who had great expectations of him. They had adjudged that he would touch the world with scientific breakthroughs and innovations. But he was turned into a mockery of their standards. What they see is a shame of their foresight bearing the glorious gospel of JESUS CHRIST for which he suffers the loss of all things that he might gain CHRIST (Phil3:7-8). He is the man who departed from his people for years; expectations were that he would bring fortune. But he came back an earthen vessel offending everyone with the hidden treasure in CHRIST. This treasure is received by the FEW to whom it has been given, but to others, this treasure is foolishness (Lk8:10; 1Cor1:18). He is the man whose ONLY goal is to be with the Lord JESUS CHRIST. Azubuike gives himself to the preaching of the truth of the word of God. He brings out of his treasure things NEW and old (Mtt13:52). Azubuike was born with his twin sister in the South-East of Nigeria, West Africa. He lives in Nigeria.