Broken Serenity: Faith will set you free

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About the author

R.K. Amber

R. K. Amber isn’t your average romance novelist. Sure, you’ll find this writer crying at the first, honeyed notes of “Tale as Old as Time”, when Beauty and the Beast glide across the marble ballroom. And the watery goodbye scene in Titanic? Full blown sobbing—every time. (And Rose, there was more room on that door.) 

The writer has a passion for romance that began as a child when long afternoons were spent tapping at an old typewriter and dreaming of the day others might read the words and be touched by them. 

But while R. K. Amber embodies the heart and soul of a romance writer, he’s one of a number of rare specimens: a man who’d prefer to write about soul mates than spy games, and kisses over Kung Fu. His debut novel, Faithful Love will soon be followed by a series of short romantic novels, sure to tug each and every heartstring.

R.K. Amber's uniquely crafted cover art and imagery are specifically designed and implemented by a dear friend; David Pham.