The Unraveling Adventures of Detective Curtis

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Curtis L. L. Herbold

"When I started writing, I was not the best person with language skills, the fancy car, the money, or anything else of value. I never even dreamed of being a “Best Selling” author. I am just living my own life, on my own in a one-bedroom apartment, minimum wage part time job, and paying my dues to society, but I did this without the help of family, friends, or government officials like caseworkers. The only help I had was to get my first book edited professionally by a freelance editor. To start my journey, I wrote the plot, the story, and everything about the book and its series; I wrote this whole web page, the tools, the covers, and my Facebook page for my series. Everything you see is a—well I guess you could say it’s an image of me, since I have done it all. Even if I do not become rich and famous off the series, at least I get to say I did this, and I am proud of myself for accomplishing what I have, especially considering the challenges that I have had.

       “I will continue to write because that is what I love, and I will never give up on trying to become a professional author (as of December 8, 2017), despite all the challenges that I have had and will continue to have. If in the end all I have are my books and only my books, I will at least be happy being me and staying true to myself."