B-Sides and Other Misheard Lyrics

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L.M. Bennett

L.M. Bennett, 39, is a native of East Orange, N.J. and a surgical coder by day. She enjoys MMA, professional wrestling, roller derby, comic books, The Great British Bake Off, classic rock and Jeff Goldblum.

Growing up in East Orange, L.M. was the child of a working mother and was often left with her great-grandmother who favored Perry Mason and All My Children. Ensuring she wouldn’t interrupt too much while her great-grandmother watched her favorite shows, her mother kept her entertained with workbooks that often required L.M. to fill in the blank or finish stories. It was during this time that eight-year-old L.M. discovered her knack for telling stories and her love for words. She had no idea that her beginnings would lead her to pursue writing professionally. 

With her quick wit, eclectic style, and need to make an impact, L.M. is set to soar on many levels and to become an intricate part of the fabric that makes up the culture of publishing and a true leader in her own right.