Dead Men

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About the author

Derek Haines

Derek Haines is an author of science fiction farce, historical fiction and noir thrillers, who writes from a view of what fascinates him and not from a formula based on one theme or genre. His writing is varied but always written in a style that communicates with and engages his readers. 

Most of all, the stories told by Derek Haines are about people, their feelings, regrets, hopes and struggles with life. Ordinary men and women, sometimes nonconformist, but with extraordinary qualities that make their story worth telling. While some books reflect his thoughts and beliefs, others are told from the view of characters who are sometimes dark and complex, or childishly open. With splashes of allegory, black humour or satire, his stories can develop from the simplistic to the complicated and back again, leaving the reader to decide if it is time to laugh or cry. Or both.

Born in Australia, but now living in Switzerland, his stories cross a wide geographical range but often draw from elements of his life and experiences in the two countries he calls home. From the rugged, dry and hot desert country of Australia and its crowded cities, to the cafés of Europe and the peaks of the Swiss Alps. The hustle and bustle of Sydney to the quiet life of the Swiss countryside.

When not writing and blogging, he is usually doing what he equally enjoys. Teaching English.