Steep Dangerhill: Spy For Hire

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Stephen Melkanos

Rev. Stephen Melkanos, A.A.S., Z.L., E.V., L.I.V.R., known on the internet as The Zen Lunatic, is an artist, musician and pagan idolator. He currently operates out of somewhere in the Western Hemisphere of the planet Earth, where he enjoys the ancient Zen practice of Motorcycle Maintenance, in accordance with the holy teachings of Robert Pirsig.

Having traveled to countless planets from one end of time to the other, he continues to visit new ones, and uses the experience to create new worlds as if there weren't enough of the bloody things already. He has learned a great deal in his travels, including the nature of the universe and the importance of not taking things too seriously.

His latest book is a departure from its predecessor, and his next book will have little enough in common with the others. This is partly as an encouragement to his readers to keep their tastes broad, and partly because he has more than one story to tell.