Cove Castle and the Tunnels of Doom

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About the author

Paula A.V. Smith

Cove Castle and the Tunnels of Doom is Paula’s first novel:

“I have always enjoyed writing small pieces, playing with words, and journaling. A few things led me to start writing my novel in 2017. Prior to moving to our small island, we were yearning for a more creative lifestyle. I became disheartened working in HR. The hotel where I worked was shutting down. My family was still lamenting about our relocation to BC (after many years) and world politics went absolutely nutty. Too much! I sat down and wrote away the hours. It was very therapeutic and fun! Then the hard part came with editing, refining and polishing, to the end! I hope you enjoy my ‘save-the-hotel’ story and find your own freedom along the way.”

Paula Smith (nee Gregovski, formerly Whynot) grew up in southern Ontario and enjoyed art studies through: high school, a summer scholarship at the Art Gallery of Ontario in 1982, and then Sheridan College. After dropping out of the Illustration course, she continued to pursue art when time allowed. Paula is the mother of three adult children and five grandchildren. She has a diverse background having worked in human resources and administration, in a variety of businesses: kitchen manufacturing, theatre, a mine refinery, and the hotel that almost broke her.

Paula lives in the Southern Gulf Islands, with husband, Randy, and dog, Miss Maisy Magoo, employee-of-the-month.