A Woman of the Road and Sea

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Amy Wolf has just released the first book of in her Greek fantasy MYTHOS world. She is an Amazon Kindle Scout winner for her novel THE MISSES BRONTES' ESTABLISHMENT. Her fantasy series, THE CAVERNIS TRILOGY, is out from Red Empress Press. Amy has published 38 short stories in the SF/Fantasy press, including REALMS OF FANTASY (2) and INTERZONE (U.K.). She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer's program and has an honors English degree from The University of London. She started her career working for the major Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., and was a Script Reader for MGM & Joe Roth. One of three natives out of 10 million, Amy was forced from L.A. and now lives in Honolulu. She has one adult daughter currently terrorizing L.A., and a small, barky dog.