Positively 7 7 Keys to Living an Enriched Life

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About the author

Zach Scott

Zach Scott is an interactive disc jockey, video jockey, emcee, as well as karaoke and trivia host. He has over 25 years of experience entertaining thousands throughout the country and abroad. He has years of experience in radio broadcasting with several talk shows.

Zach possesses a unique sense of humor. However, Zach also has a serious side to him. He considers himself an overachiever. One amazing quality about Zach is his ability to improvise and think quickly on his feet in any given situation, which is a must in the field of entertainment and broadcasting. He has what he likes to call PMA, short for “Positive Mental Attitude.” At the same time, he is a people-oriented person who cares for people.

Zach is a special, unique individual who simply wants to achieve success by utilizing his talents and abilities to be the best entertainer and broadcaster he can be.