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Jim Fox

Jim Fox awoke from a dream in the mid-1990s, deciding the dream was an interesting premise for a novel.  Writing took a back seat to career and family, but the desire never left.  He published his first book, Yeah, Right!, in 2019 and followed up with the sequel, Whatever!, in 2020.  A third book is planned in the “It’s Okay Now” series, the title of the book yet undetermined.  Stay tuned!  If you are wondering whatever became of the dream-inspired novel, Jim is still working on that as well.

Jim and his wife, Helen, reside in Mason, Ohio, where Jim was born and raised.  He graduated from Mason High School and obtained a B.S. in Education at The Ohio State University.  They have two adult sons, Cliff and Harrison, a daughter-in-law, Erica (Cliff), and a granddaughter, Avery (Cliff and Erica).

Jim can be reached at jimfoxauthor@gmail.com.