Ten Keys to Good Success and Prosperity

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Amaechi Anyanwu

Anyanwu Amaechi Darlington is the founder and General Overseer of Favored Generation Church and Favored Generation Ministries (FGM). He received his calling as an apostle in Ministry firstly by sudden divine heavenly encounter with God on March 12, 1995 while smoking cigarette in his sitting room around 3.00 am.

 Between 1995 and 1996, he had two most remarkable angelic visitations, on one occasion he was given two (2) keys with seven numbers inscribed on each one in confirmation of Matthew chapter 16 verses 19. In the second encounter God sent an angel to affirm to him, as one chosen and commissioned rich in faith and was given a Bible opened to James 2 verse 5.

He has served in various capacities since 1985 in different Ministries and Churches. Today he is primarily focused on that God`s given vision with a mandated mission to arouse the fear of God on Humanity and calling sinners to repentance by announcing that Reminder that Rapture and Second coming of Christ is imminent as indicative of the 4-hours vision of Rapture revelations; he received on the 23RD June, 2006. He`s committed to winning of souls and for two years (2011-2013) he lived in Ghana and in Cote-D-Voire as a Missionary. He is still preaching Christ in many parts of Nigeria till today with greater power, great grace, high unction by God`s un-common favour on him; very outstanding miracles, healings, miracles, signs and wonders are manifesting to the glory of God wherever he ministers. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Zoology from University of Benin, Nigeria.

He has written other books such as Ten-Keys to Good Success and Prosperity, How to Hear from Our Heavenly Father, 150-Powerful Confessional Prayers for Good Success & Prosperity, 350-Prayers for Total Deliverance and Freedom, Seven Troubles-Seven Promotions, The Mystery of Our Five(5)Fingers  etc