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Barry Nadel

Dr. Nadel was born in Texas (July 11, 1953), and grew up in San Jose, California. He studied for two years Archeology and Anthropology. In 1973 he switched to Enology and Viticulture, receiving his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from UC Davis. He made aliyah to Israel to do his PhD in plant genetics at the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University in Rehovot, which he received in 1981. 
Dr. Nadel worked as a researcher in plant biotechnology and physiology for 6 years at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. He then founded and ran a vegetable seed company for 22 years.
 He served in the Army reserves for 13 years in the artillery. Later he was a full-time volunteer for the Border Police, responsible for the security of Moshav Kfar Pines for 10 years.
Dr. Nadel spent two years as the chief scientist of a commercial cannabis company.
Dr. Nadel is currently chief scientist for an agricultural transfer of Technology Company. He also assists in designing mini professional greenhouses (
Dr. Nadel has three daughters, one son and eleven grandchildren (5 girls and 6 boys). He is both divorced and a widower. He has been writing for over 45 years both scientific and non-fiction works. For 35 years Dr. Nadel has been writing fiction. He created the Hoshiyan Chronicles. It is a highly spiritual work based on the principles of Justice, Righteousness and Faith. He now also writes children's books. (