My Journey to Becoming a Mayan Shaman

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About the author

Zachary Alexander Jezek

Raised as an unschooler with no traditional education, Zack wrote his first book at age 10 while completing an apprenticeship with a Mayan Shaman in the jungles of Belize. He is a Certified Advanced Master of Neuro-Lingusistic Programming (also known as NLP) and has Certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Complete Mind Therapy, Noesitherapy, Hypnotic Pain Control and is a Rapid Results Consultant. In addition, he is also a Reiki Master and a Mayan Shaman with the name Buch Cho. Zack has attended over 100+ personal development seminars and trainings. He fluently speaks three languages. A part of Anthony Robbins' Global Youth Leader Summit, Zack is a powerful teen leader, mentor and coach. 

In addition to being an author consultant, Zack is co-founder of Distinct Press serving writers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Whether you consider yourself an author or a writer and you need publishing, assisted self-publishing, book marketing or book promotion, Zack Jezek is committed to helping you. Working through his own publishing company, with ghostwriters and graphics people for both Kindle eBook and print books. He'll help get your work into bookstores and libraries and even to bestseller status.

Zack currently resides in Southern California where in his spare time, he practices natural healing modalities, works with troubled youth and is busy saving the world.