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sheldon Graham

Sheldon Graham resides in Sydney, Australia with his Partner Dieu Ho. He likes to spend much of his time in his studio, writing his books and responding to his followers. As a child, Sheldon loved to invent and create all kinds of new and wonderful things. He would lay on the trampoline in his backyard, staring up and into the big blue sky, and he would imagine solving all the worlds problems. At night, Sheldon sometimes would have a friend sleep over, and he would share his imagination and perspective of the universe with the other child until they both fell asleep.
As Sheldon grew, he found himself increasingly becoming more and more interested in creative writing and various styles of poetry. He wrote many short poems and had many attempts at writing short novels, only, to find that the things he was writing about weren't as interesting as he once thought. One day Sheldon was reading the Holy Bible, and a particular story took his interest, Noah and the Ark from the book of Genesis. Sheldon had earlier that day been writing some poetry and had been looking for some new material, suddenly an idea dawned on him. ​ 'I can turn some of the bible stories into rhyme form!' He thought. ​ Right away Sheldon reached for a piece of paper and a pen and began working on his first creation from the bible.  ​ ​ To be continued.