True Flame

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Bryan Fields

I grew up reading classical authors such as Verne, Burroughs, Wells, Haggard, and Lovecraft, often in conjunction with large doses of Monty Python, Wild Wild West, and Hee-Haw.  My current influences include Doctor Who, Girl Genius, and An Idiot Abroad. 

I began writing professionally as a member of the content design team for the MMORPG Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted.  My first book, Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend, was published in 2014. 

I live in Denver with my wife, Noelle, and daughter, Alissa.  The three of us can often be found prowling around Istaria, Wizard City, and the wilds of Azeroth.  I also make occasional side jaunts to scavenge bits of ancient technology in the radioactive ruins of Las Vegas, Washington, and the Boston Commonwealth.