Torn Fox

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About the author

Andrew S. Daley

Andrew S. Daley was born in Fresno, California. He has always loved stories in any format. His favorite genres range from horror/action to Christian/comedy. He is interested the most in the fabulous worlds depicted in Video Games, Sci-Fi books and television. At 13, he asked his mother if she owned any stories about a young man with a dragon for a friend.  His mother recommended the Wizard in Rhyme series by Christopher Stasheff and Robert Aspin’s Myth Adventure series. He read them and he was hooked. It took him a week to finish the first book and by the time he finished the series, he was down to completing the novel in one or two days. When he ran out of other writer's novels to read, Andrew began creating his own adventures in his head.

Torn Fox, is a post-apocalyptic new Mage series about a pair of teenage twins living in a world destroyed by the Dragon Wars. It is exciting and funny with a touch of the macabre, enlivened by Daley's irreverent sense of humor.

Andrew is also working on the 2nd book in this series “Scorched Raven”, and a science/magic fiction novel for older readers about a group of warriors attempting to rescue a princess who disappeared on her marriage journey and who may, or may not, want rescued.