The Sylph's Tale

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Marta C Weeks

Marta C Weeks is an emerging author. Her breakthrough novella The Sylph’s Tale, Fantasy based on Mythology is an introduction to Immortals-the series. The screenplay rendition, alternate title Ayekah the Damned, was a winner on the 2017 Quarterly Short Story Screen Craft contest. She plans the release of book two, VIRGINS by June 2019 and soon after book three: ROLO

NOTE: Hello friends, thanks for purchasing The Sylph's Tale, I recently found out that it was published missing 4 chapters!!! D2D assures me that when I republish, early next year, they will notify all of you who already bought it or will buy it and send a FREE book

I find it amazing that even incomplete it got so many GREAT REVIEWS!  Also, as a true believer that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade the republication will have the 4 missing chapters plus 3 chapters from the start of VIRGINS; book two of the series. If you want to be a before publication editor or provide comments please let me know and I will send you the book on a PDF File.

Readers praise the mixture of history and science, dramatic-twisty, and strong female protagonists. 

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