Living Systems

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About the author

Jane Cull

Jane Cull is an author, speaker and consultant on thinking tools for change.

She is the author of Living Systems: An Introductory Guide to the Theories of Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela, The Circularity of Life: An Essential Shift for Sustainability and her latest book, WTF?!...How am I thinking? A Thinking Tool for Change. 

She is an expert on the Theories of Living Systems and in particular The Biology of Cognition, the ground-breaking work of renowned Chilean biologist and systems thinker, Dr Humberto Maturana.  

In her latest book, Jane switches from sustainability and the ‘big picture’ back to ourselves to address a problematic way of thinking and provide a solution for change.  

Jane has given talks, workshops and seminars on the Biology of Cognition to a vast array of academic and non-academic audiences in both Australia and the United States.  

She was also the Associate Editor of the biannual academic Journal of Applied Systems Studies and is part of the Great Transition Initiative, an international network of scholars and activists that analyses alternative scenarios and charts a path to a hopeful future. She is on the advisory board of the Barcelona Consensus, a project dedicated to transitioning to a sustainable society.