The Old Bell

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About the author

Marsha Keim

When Marsha Keim creates a character for one of her fictional mysteries, she takes a single characteristic and builds the character around that.  It could take up to five of her characters to replicate a complete person.  She added the name of the fictional bookstore in memory of her dad; who did his reading in “the corner”.  She imagines he is smiling.

Many of the activities are based upon things that she enjoys; like reading mysteries, crocheting, participating in the live steam hobby with her husband, watching their son swim or play in the band, helping with their son’s scout troop, substituting for the local elementary and junior high schools, taking care of her decorative pond and the various gold fish varieties that live there, enjoying all the different birds that come to her many bird feeders, and helping to lead one of the youth ministries at her church.

Marsha, her husband Brian, and their son William live in Wooster, Ohio.  They have two outdoor cats, one that thinks it is meant to be an indoor cat, a variety of gold fish and several Plecostomus fish, plus over 25 different species of birds that enjoy the feed she puts out for them.  They like to travel with the live steam hobby whenever work does not get in the way.  Marsha is a substitute teacher for three of the school districts around the Wayne County area.  She has a daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter that live in Arizona and she always looks forward to seeing them when she or they point a car in the direction of the other.

Marsha started writing stories back when she was in the 6th grade with her best friend.  Those stories have long ago been lost and Marsha has wanted to write for many years since.  It was not until just recently that she decided to actually set down and put pencil to paper, literally.