The Lords of Blood and Honey

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About the author

David Edward Martin

Released in May 2019, The Lords of Blood and Honey is my first novel in The Kingdom of Honey fantasy series.

Writing the book has taken me several years to complete.  It started one holiday when I visited the Palace of Versailles.  It was a beautiful summer day and the rooms and corridors, packed with tourists, were stifling hot; just as they would have been in the Palace’s heyday.  I went to the gardens for fresh air and observed honeybees at work gathering pollen and nectar.  In that moment the backdrop of Versailles became a hive filled with intrigue, strange customs, and ever-present danger.  I started to think about a fantasy adventure set in a vast and isolated hive-like City Kingdom where honeybees played a central role in City life.  I imagined a deadly struggle for supremacy between the State, a corrupt Church, the Nobility, and those who seek a return to outlawed Honeyism.  The ideas came thick and fast and would not stop.  A week later, on a train to London, I started to write, little realising how many years and how much work and redrafts and editing, and more, the whole process would take.  Fortunately, I loved every crazy minute!

I now live in North Devon, England, where I am working on The Lords of Blood and Crystal, which (being ever optimistic) I plan to release in 2019.