A Penny Saved

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About the author

Sephera Giron

About the Author

Sèphera Girón has over twenty published books, mostly in the horror and erotica genres. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows, most notably the movies, Slime City Massacre and Killer Rack.

Many of her mass-market books from Leisure Books and Samhain Publishing have been reprinted by Crossroad Press and Scarlett Publishing. You can also find many of her short stories in anthologies such as Intersections: Six Tales of Ouija Horror and Group Hex 1 and Group Hex 2. Sèphera is one of the co-producers of the Great Lakes Horror Company Podcast and co-founder of Camp Creepy.

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Scarlett Publishing

(available in print and as e-books)

A Penny Saved

Captured Souls

Weird Tales of Terror

Flesh Failure

Sèphera is also working on the Witch Upon a Star series from Riverdale Avenue Books

Capricorn: Cursed

Aquarius: Haunted Heart

Pisces: Teacher's Pet

Aries: Swinging into Spring

Crossroad Press

Eternal Sunset

Borrowed Flesh

Mistress of the Dark

The Birds and the Bees

House of Pain

Gilda and the Prince was originally slated to be published in an anthology but the publisher went out of business before that could happen. 

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