So, You Are thinking of Moving to France

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David Sontag

David was born and brought up in North London before moving to the somewhat greener pastures of mid-Essex in the early eighties. After leaving school he studied Computing and pursued a career in that field working as a Computer Programmer and then as a Systems Analyst, subsequently moving into Project and Programme Management and then Consultancy. After he was made redundant he setup his own Private Service Company and worked on his own account providing Programme, Project Management and Business Change Consultancy to a range of public and blue chip private sector clients for 20 years before taking early retirement. He then spent 18 months assisting a friend with her newly acquired Travel Franchise, by introducing rigour into her quoting and booking processes, improving her social media focus and increasing her followers through creation of a publicity video and weekly newsletter. David is married to Joanne, a former gift shop proprietor who had never found a Gift Shop selling exactly what she wanted so opened her own and spent the next 20 years being the Chief Fairy in her own Curiosity Shop. They have five children between them, four grandchildren and live in a small village/commune of around 900 people in the Corrèze, one of 3 départements that comprise the Limousin Region, part of the new administrative area of Nouvelle Aquitaine (created on 1st January 2016). They live there with their two dogs: Alfie an 8 year old Border Collie, the ‘Black One’ who they’ve had since a pup, undisputed leader of the pack, a sometime neurotic, ultra protective, mummy’s boy who will run all day if it means chasing sticks; and Keno (a former street dog, who they adopted /rescued 2 years ago) a 4 year old Berger Blanc Suisse, the ‘White One’, inquisitive, hyper alert, and 6 stone of youthful excitability, exuberance and occasionally misdirected wayward energy, he loves chasing lizards and digging holes to try and catch Mice, Moles and Mole rats.
Since moving to France they have embraced the French lifestyle and their raison d'être has become:
‘Live the life you love and love the life you live’