The Little Virgin Whore

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About the author


Ka Sefika was born in a Mediterranean city of Turkey, Adana in 1982. She began writing poems when she was eight years old. She soon realized that she was going to have to live life in order to be able to write about it in different forms like novels, plays, screenplays and short stories.

Hence Ka Sefika had to agree to experience conventional way of living life despite having a constant inner chaos as a result. She then moved to Smyrna to study nursing at Ege University before immigrating to England in search of liberation.

 She began studying journalism in London hoping to make a better sense of her inner and outer world while practicing as an RN. However she soon discovered that knowledge, ideas, solutions and enlightenment fired her up more than talking, repeating and writing about the world’s  problems which to her were the mere outcomes of the blocked mass consciousness,in the dark,wild,lonely and loud world of journalism.

She then entered into the world of philosophy at UCL without knowing that philosophy was where all the problems were created. She continued writing poems, plays, short stories during her study in the end of which she caught common depression of dead philosophers. She is now happier, more productive with her eyes on the eastern philosophy.

Ka Sefika published her first novel "The Little Virgin Whore" and “My Name is Love” in the end of January 2016.

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