Mason Wilson and the Dead Bird Debacle

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M.P. Jones is … well, it’s probably best to leave it at that. Enlarging on his decision to move in 2002 from wet Lancashire, England to hot (and cold) Toronto, Canada would simply elicit knowing nods of approval from some and disgusted headshakes from others, depending on which side of the Atlantic they hailed from. Disclosing His career (or should that be careering?) from medieval history graduate to Chartered Accountant to editor and writer would only serve to illustrate that here is a man who lives life on the very edge. And to cite writing influences as diverse as Roald Dahl, Trenton Lee Stewart, David Eddings and Anthony Buckeridge could not be viewed as anything but pretentious and expose him to innumerable unfavourable comparisons to each. So, at the risk of repetition, M.P Jones is. And he sincerely hopes you're not too unhappy about it.