Shattering Dreams

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About the author

Catherine M Walker

Catherine M Walker was born in a small country town in Western Australia but now resides in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. Not being interested in sports she dived into reading and writing. Determined to enter a short story competition while still in high school Catherine and her best friend started writing. Six exercise books later they both realised that perhaps the short story was a little long.   Being an Author and publishing was a ‘one-day’ dream that stretched back to that time in high school.

Years later Catherine realised ‘one day’  never happens, life will pass you by if you let it. Of all the childhood dreams fulfilled to date one that hasn’t been is to be a published Author. Of course, flying an X Wing Fighter and blowing up the Death Star hasn’t either, but one dream at a time. Right?

Shattered Dreams is Catherine's debut book in The Being of Dreams. 

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