The Eloquence of Effort: Beware the Path of Least Resistance

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About the author

Indar Maharaj

The writer is a Canadian national currently residing in Toronto, Canada.   

An alumnus of the University of Toronto, he graduated with a PhD in Microbiology before joining private industry as a research scientist. In addition to experimental work, he has lectured extensively on Microbiology, Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences in Toronto.  To broaden his horizons, he has spent over three years in China. Among some of his activities were lecturing on Critical Thinking and Human Physiology at Minjiang University, Fuzhou.

He lives by his creed: meaningful effort is never wasted.  In this regard, he has delivered presentations on Entropy and The Eloquence of Effort to several interested groups.  Currently, he is on the Science Advisory Panel of the Green Think Tank, an organization dedicated to environmental issues.

In addition to authoring several scholarly papers, he has been the recipient of several prestigious scholarships during his tenure as a graduate student.

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