The Zionist project Israel. Ethnically pure, or binational model democracy?

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About the author

Paul Lookman

Paul Lookman majored in marketing, communication and management. A Dutch national residing in Belgium since 1981, he looks back on an international career that has taken him to more than 60 countries on all continents.

His most memorable professional experience is the consumer research project he conducted in newly post-communist Ukraine, in team with the Department of Economics of Dnipropetrovsk State University. The research findings laid the foundation for the local dairy's first market-based business plan and helped cultivate a marketing mentality throughout the firm.

In early retirement, Paul took courses in international relations and acted as a lobbyist for Amnesty International. Since 2005 he writes about international politics on Geopolitiek in context. His articles have been republished in international media such as Belgian online magazine De Wereld Morgen, Dutch newspaper NRC, NATO Watch Observatory and Russia in Global Affairs.

He has published two printed books in Dutch, the titles of which in English would be The Zionist Project Israel. Ethnically pure, or binational model democracy? and The world after Trump and Merkel. European rivalry, neo-liberalism and the balance of power. The present eBook is an updated and edited digital version of his first printed book.

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