MyPhone Poems

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About the author

Robert ‘Zimmy Zook’ Zimmerman

I have listened, read about, watched and paid attention to a very diverse set of people throughout my life.  I’d say that beyond observation, the senses of sight, smell & touch applied to much that has surrounded my journey (from my first 1968 beat up (by me) old green Chevy Impala, to the silky smooth feel of a horses hide, to the exquisite aroma of my favorite peach colored rose, to the iPad I’m speaking at), the former is where I learned the majority of the majority that I can speak to with any confidence.  Anything I do not know, can be found somewhere on the web with a certain amount of certainty (unless DJT says “I’m very, very, almost very sure).  Most of the poetry for this very first attempt at getting a small book published, comes from, as stated earlier, an initial series of random thoughts, curiosities, imagination and fantasies wandering in the molecules inside my skull.