Chronicle of the Century

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About the author

Chele Pedersen Smith

Chele {short for Michele} is a sucker for romantic comedies. In love with love and because life's a sitcom, the antics of crushes gone wrong (and right) are her favorite to craft. After all, who hasn't had at least one infatuated faux pas?

Besides weathering romance's ups and downs, she likes to throw in humor and mystery no matter what genre she's writing as well as a wonderfully impossible scenario for a good laugh and wishful thinking.

Enjoying the wild ride of writing off the cuff, she's never sure where the adventure will take her. Chele's often nestled in the breakfast nook overlooking a woodsy view with her golden retriever and a mug of decaf-- if it's not waiting under the brewer for hours, forgotten as usual. Add snow and writing chocolate: Perfect!