Smile of the Viper

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About the author

Harry Dunn

Harry was born into a journalistic family in Aberdeen. Educated at Robert Gordon’s College, he went on to work in newspapers in several UK locations within the Thomson Organisation.

In 1967 he joined the BBC’s Publications Division and was involved in their fast growing business of book publishing. When based in Leeds, he accompanied many celebrity authors on promotional tours throughout the North and this encouraged his love of reading during the many hours spent in hotels. His genre of choice was always crime and he carried a picture of the type of character he would one day have as a private investigator.

Thus was born the endearing character Jack Barclay and to quote Raymond Chandler:

‘In everything that is called art there is a quality of redemption.....but down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.’

Jack Barclay qualifies as a man who can walk these mean streets.

Harry has drawn on countless life experiences to help create a tense, fast paced and highly entertaining novel.

He is married with two grown up children and lives with his wife in Berkshire where he is a member of a thriving local writers group.

Widely travelled, he is also a frequent visitor to London’s theatres and galleries and enjoys wandering around observing life in the Capital. This is balanced by visits to the sea where he loves to write. His golf handicap remains stubbornly in the high twenties.