Flowers: An Adult Coloring Book

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About the author

Leslie Lindsey Davis

Leslie Lindsey Davis is a 6 time author. Her first book, “You Can’t Eat Love: how learning to love yourself can change your relationship with food” is in the Amazon top 20 in at least 2 categories since it was released in January. Like so many, it took a moment of extreme sadness for Leslie to realize something had to change. She began on a journey to fix what she thought was broken. That was when she discovered the ‘myself-sized’ hole in her heart. She realized she was not broken, just uninformed. She did not know how to love herself. Now, Leslie is on a mission to help others find their WHY to go on any journey of self-discovery, introduce them to their very best friend in the whole wide world, learn to love themselves, and live their best life.

Some of her most used phrases:

"Learning to love yourself is the longest journey to the closest destination – you.”

“When you hit a traffic jam in life don’t park your car, don’t get out, don’t walk home.”

“You can only do something about you. Everyone else has to do them.”

“No one can make you anything – except reservations for dinner.” (specifically the phrase ‘you made me sad or mad or angry’)

“There are no cheat days, cheat weeks or cheat anything – it is a choice. You can only cheat on taxes, tests and your significant other.”

“Lose the shoulda’s, woulda’s, and coulda’s. Instead, recognize it was a choice. Maybe a not so good choice, but a choice. Keep your power, don’t give it away.”

“Put this bus in park. Let’s look at what is really going on.”

“You are enough.”